Book Announcement: Postclassical Greek and Septuagint Lexicography

Just a short but exciting bit of news to share today. I’m very pleased to report that my new book Postclassical Greek and Septuagint Lexicography has now been published with SBL Press in the Septuagint and Cognate Studies series. This book is the “official” — and only lightly revised — version of my doctoral thesis, which I completed in 2018 at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of James (Jim) K. Aitken (see below).

After all the labor over many years, it’s wonderful to have a physical text to hold as a result. And it is equally satisfying to say that you can get your very own copy for less than it costs to fill your gas tank. I realize that doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but the point is that SBL Press sells their books at a very reasonable price point ($45 for paperback!). If even that is too much for you, you can get a taste of the book in this preview of the frontmatter, which includes my introduction. 

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of seeing the thesis through to publication was getting to present a copy of it to Jim, and to donate another copy to the Tyndale House library, where a great deal of the research and writing was done. You can see in the picture to the left that those two occasions actually coincided while I was in Cambridge last month. (As a side note, I am told that my shirt that day matches the book cover but please understand that such things are beyond my ability to coordinate.)

If you’re among the many (many!) people who had a hand in helping me or my family over the last eight years since I first showed up in Cambridge, let me say a heartfelt thank you. 


  1. Dear Professor Ross:

    I am glad you got your thesis published as an academic book. I think you should also announce that your recent book on the LXX (in colaboration with Gregory Lanier) has been translated into Spanish. Just two days ago I saw it advertised in Amazon with the title “La Septuaginta: Qué es y por qué es importante”

    Blessings from México,

    Eduardo Prado

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