Ross-5409.jpgWelcome to this blog, and thanks for your interest. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. In October 2014 I began research in Old Testament biblical studies, more specifically at the disciplinary intersection of Septuagint (LXX) studies and linguistics, under the supervision of Dr. James Aitken. My project deals with lexical semantics in the Septuagint. In particular, I am focusing on the social and historical context of the language specifically in the book of Judges in its Greek version, which underwent considerable updating throughout its history. The goal, in part, is to examine the changes made to the vocabulary within the book’s textual groups and understand the reason(s) for them, which will clarify matters of textual history, the goals of the translator/revisers, and the nature of the language of the Septuagint. I hope more generally that this project will contribute to the task of Septuagint lexicography.

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My wife, Kelli, and I have three boys named Amos, Lucas, and Samuel (not pictured). Kelli earned her masters degree in counseling through CCEF at Westminster. She works for CCEF’s online school of biblical counseling, and also part-time for the charitable branch of a wealth management firm. Before our graduate studies, we both worked in the non-profit sector.




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