Book Reviews


Forthcoming     Dariya Rafiyenko and Ilja A. Seržant, (eds.), Postclassical Greek: Contemporary Approaches to Philology and Linguistics (TiLSM 335); Berlin: de Gruyter, 2020). Pp viii + 339. $114.99. Catholic Biblical Quarterly.

Forthcoming    Takamitsu Muraoka, A Syntax of Qumran Hebrew. Peeters, 2020. Westminster Theological Journal.

Forthcoming    Michael P. Theophilos, Numismatics and Greek Lexicography. Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2019. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Forthcoming    Benjamin J. Noonan, Advances in the Study of Hebrew. Baker Academic, 2020. Reformed Faith & Practice.


Dirk van Miert, The Emancipation of Biblical Philology in the Dutch Republic, 1590–1670. Oxford, 2018. Catholic Biblical Quarterly 83.2 (2021): 321–3.

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Jesús Peláez and Juan Mateos, New Testament Lexicography: Introduction – Theory – Method. FoSub 6; Berlin: De Gruyter, 2018. Review of Biblical Literature.

Tzvi Novick, An Introduction to the Scriptures of Israel: History and Theology. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2018. Bulletin for Biblical Research 29.1 (2019): 65–67.

David deSilva, Introducing the Apocrypha: Message, Context, and Significance. 2nd edition; Baker Academic, 2018. Bulletin for Biblical Research 29.1 (2019): 96–98.

Tom Thatcher et al., eds., The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media. Bloomsbury 2017. Bulletin for Biblical Research 28.4 (2018): 640-642.

John Jarick, ed., SOTS at 100: Centennial Essays of the Society for Old Testament Study. T&T Clark, 2017. Bulletin for Biblical Research 28.2 (2018): 308–10.

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David Firth, 1 & 2 Samuel: A Kingdom Comes. An Introduction and Study Guide. T&T Clark Study Guides to the Old Testament. Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, 2017. Bulletin for Biblical Research 27.4 (2017): 550-52.

John Barton, Ethics in Ancient Israel. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. Themelios 41.3 (2016): 490-91.

Bonnie Howe and Joel B. Green, eds. Cognitive Linguistic Explorations in Biblical Studies. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2014. Bulletin for Biblical Research 26.3 (2016): 385-87.

John J. Pilch, The Cultural Life Setting of the Proverbs. Fortress Press, 2016. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 59.3 (September 2016): 613-15.

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Eberhard Bons, Jan Joosten, and Regine Hunziker-Rodewald, eds. Biblical Lexicology: Hebrew and Greek. Semantics – Exegesis – Translation. BZAW 443. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015. Bulletin for Biblical Research 26.2 (2016): 245-46.

Iain Provan, Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters. Waco, Tx.: Baylor University Press, 2014. Westminster Theological Journal 78/1 (2016): 159-61.

James K. Aitken, ed. The T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint. London: Bloomsbury, 2015. Bulletin for Biblical Research 25/4 (2015): 551-53.

Eugen J. Pentiuc, The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2014. pp. xiv + 414. ISBN 978-0195331233. $35.00. Paperback. Westminster Theological Journal 77/2 (Fall 2015): 440-42.

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia: A Reader’s Edition. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2014 / Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2014.  Bulletin for Biblical Research 25/3 (2015): 371-72.

Samuel L. Adams, Social and Economic Life in Second Temple Judea. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2014. Bulletin for Biblical Research 25/3 (2015): 386-88.

Brian Neil Peterson, The Authors of the Deuteronomistic History: Locating a Tradition in Ancient Israel. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2014. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 58/2 (2015): 376-77.

Joy A. Schroeder, Deborah’s Daughters: Gender Politics and Biblical Interpretation. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2014. Bulletin for Biblical Research 25/1 (2015): 96-97.

William T. Miller, A Compact Study of Numbers. Eugene, Or.: Wipf & Stock, 2013. Themelios 40/1 (April 2015): 110-11.

J. Ross Wagner, Reading the Sealed Book: Reading Old Greek Isaiah and the Problem of Septuagint Hermeneutics. FAT 88. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck / Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2013. Bulletin for Biblical Research 24/3 (2014): 405-06.

Joshua G. Mathews, Melchizedek’s Alternative Priestly Order: A Compositional Analysis of Genesis 14:18-20 and Its Echoes throughout the Tanak. Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement 8. Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2013. Westminster Theological Journal 76/2 (Fall 2014): 465-67.

Jason S. DeRouchie, ed., What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Jesus’ Bible. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Kregel Academic, 2013. Westminster Theological Journal 76/2 (Fall 2014): 463-64.

Abi T. Ngunga, Messianism in the Old Greek of Isaiah: An Intertextual Analysis. Forschungenzur Religion und Literatur des Alten und Neuen Testaments 245. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013. Westminster Theological Journal 76/1 (Spring 2014): 230-31.

Myrto Theocharous, Lexical Dependence and Intertextual Allusion in the Septuagint of the Twelve Prophets: Studies in Hosea, Amos and Micah. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2012. Westminster Theological Journal 75/2 (Fall 2013): 383-386.



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