Most of my teaching takes place in the halls of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. So far I have had the chance to teach:

  • OT504 – Hebrew I (3 hrs)
  • OT5100 – Hebrew II (3 hrs)
  • OT602 – Advanced Hebrew Readings (1 hr)
  • NT5125 – Greek II (3 hrs)
  • OT510 – Judges through Esther (2 hrs)
  • OT5350 – Isaiah through Malachi (3 hrs)

I have also gotten the opportunity to create some online teaching resources in biblical studies, primarily focused upon exegesis.

Daily Dose of Greek

If you don’t know about Daily Dose of Greek and Daily Dose of Hebrew, they are wonderful resources for maintaining your biblical languages. Sign up for an email with a short video walking through grammatical features of one verse delivered to your inbox daily. I have contributed one “Weekend Edition” to DDG thus far, with another in the works. I also was “guest host” for one week’s worth of videos walking through the Greek text of Psalm 51 (LXX Ps. 50).

Septuagint Lexicography

W. Ross Septuagint Lexicography from Daily Dose of Greek on Vimeo.

Modern Translations of the Septuagint – (Coming Soon)

(See this series for a teaser)

Exegesis of LXX-Ps 50:1-6

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