LXX Scholar Interviews

Starting on International Septuagint Day in 2015 I began conducting interviews with top scholars who are active in the field of Septuagint studies. As a younger scholar in the discipline, it is a real privilege and, I hope, a help to others also interested in the LXX to hear from these individuals. Below is a running list of scholars interviewed. Click on the picture for the interviews.



Dr. Karen Jobes – Wheaton College (retired)

Dr. Robert Hiebert – Trinity Western University

Dr. John Meade – Phoenix Seminary

Dr. W. Edward Glenny – U. of Northwestern (St. Paul)

Dr. James Aitken – University of Cambridge

Dr. Emanuel Tov – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Dr. Cécile Dogniez – Université Paris


Dr. José Manuel Cañas Reíllo – CSIC


Dr. Natalio Fernández Marcos – CSIC

Dr. Albert Pietersma – University of Toronto


Dr. Robert Kraft – University of Pennsylvania

Ben Wright

Dr. Benjamin G. Wright – Lehigh University

Dr. Takamitsu Muraoka – University of Leiden

Dr. John A. L. Lee – Macquarie University


Dr. Kristin de Troyer – University of Salzburg

Dr. Raija Sollamo – University of Helsinki


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