Resource Reviews

As mentioned here, one of my purposes on this blog is to provide a overview of resources for LXX studies. So in addition to the list of LXX resources I have on this site, I will be slowly working through them to provide an introduction, evaluation, and general “review” of them. The posts will all be tagged with the label Resource Reviews. But in addition to LXX resources, I will include here any other posts that might prove helpful for graduate students in biblical studies.

I will compile a list of my posts here, under categorized headings, as they come. Enjoy!

Septuagint Scholar Interviews

See this page for a list of interviews on this blog.

Biblical Studies & LXX Primary Sources

The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Archive – Part I (Language)

Part II (Text)

Part III (Advanced Searches – coming eventually)

Septuagint Vocabulary & Inscriptions

Institutions, Schools, and Organizations

The Hexapla Institute

Biblical Studies Societies – A Guide for Students

North American Graduate Programs in Septuagint

LXX Secondary Literature

The Major Contemporary LXX Translation Projects

LXX Translation Projects Part I: NETS

LXX Translation Projects Part II.1: BdA

LXX Translation Projects Part II.2: BdA

LXX Translation Projects Part III: LXX.D (coming soon)

LXX Translation Projects Part IV: LBG (coming soon)

[Related: Review of Nicholas King’s The Bible]

Translation Technique & Hermeneutics (Introduction)

Review of J. Ross Wagner, Reading the Sealed Book (2013)

Review of Abi T. Ngunga, Messianism in the Old Greek of Isaiah (2013)

Doctoral Studies Guides

Biblical Studies Conferences – A Guide for Students (Part I and Part II)

British and American Style Doctoral Programs


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