Intro to LXX Studies

All honor to the Hebrew original! But the proverbial Novum in Vetere latet cannot be fully understood without a knowledge of the Septuagint. —A. Deissmann

Serious study of the LXX has normally been counted am ong the driest of the bones in the Valley of Academe. –G. H. R. Horsley

Under Construction… my plan for this page is to provide my own overview of the field of LXX studies, why it is wonderful, why it matters for Old Testament and, more broadly, Biblical Studies as a whole, and how to go about learning more. I also have a growing list of helpful LXX Resources for the “uninitiated,” as it can be difficult to navigate this insider-type field. Many of my posts are about LXX topics, so see my LXX Category for starters.

What is the Septuagint? The Basics

Part One

Part Two

Why You (Could) Love LXX Studies

(soon to come)

What to Read to Introduce Yourself to LXX Studies

(more soon to come)


  1. It is interesting that I found all the books you mentioned on Amazon and bookmarked them before I read your list of introductory books. I have the Lexam English Septuagint and am learning on my own greek as a living language.

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