Back in January I posted information about an open call for papers for the upcoming Septuagint conference at the Kirchliche Hochschule in Wuppertal, Germany. Obviously a lot has happened since that call went out. As of this morning I received word that the 2020 conference has been cancelled. However, the event usually occurs every other year and the organizers were able to secure funding for putting on the exact same conference in 2021. So functionally this is a postponement, rather than a straight cancellation, especially since all those presenting research are being given the option to simply defer for a year.

The announcement (slightly abridged) as I received it is below:

Dear colleagues,

The LXX-Conference organizers met last week to discuss this year’s international conference, scheduled to be held in Wuppertal, Germany, July 24-27. After a thorough discussion, we decided to cancel the conference due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. While it is impossible to know what the situation will be like in August, we feel that for the safety and well-being of all our members, this is the only responsible decision to make.

Fortunately enough, though, the DfG has confirmed to sponsor the meeting next summer as well. We are glad to inform you that we have been able to secure our venue “Tagungshaus auf dem Heiligen Berg” for July 18-21 in 2021 (Sunday to Wednesday). We would appreciate if you could save the date and trust you will stay safe. . .

We are certainly looking forward to seeing you next year!

Wishing you bright Easter days and chag sameach in challenging times,

Michaela Geiger, Frank Ueberschaer, and Martin Vahrenhorst


Septuaginta Deutsch

Fachgesellschaft zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung an der Septuaginta, deren Umfeld und deren Wirkung e.V.


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