2019 ETS Septuagint Studies Call for Papers

It is a pleasure to announce that the call for papers is now open for the 2019 ETS annual conference. The opportunity to propose a paper for the ETS national conference in general is open as of today and will stay open until 5:00pm (Central) on March 29. This year’s meeting is the seventy first annual ETS conference and will take place in sunny southern California from 20-22 November at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego (yes, that is actually a picture of the location on the right). The conference theme this year is “Christ in all Scripture.”

Septuagint Studies at ETS

Obviously the most exciting thing about this call for papers is the fact that, as of this year, there is now an open call for Septuagint Studies for the first time. My longtime readers will remember that back in 2015 a core team put together an initial session in Septuagint in hopes of gaining enough momentum to eventually make this important topic a permanent presence at ETS.

We have had a remarkable degree of interest over the past four years. In 2016 the Septuagint Studies consultation was born and went through its three-year term with great success. We’ve had some excellent papers. You can review some of the highlights here:

2016 Consultation and Review | 2017 Consultation and Review | 2018 Consultation

Since 2018 was the final year in the life of our consultation, our steering committee decided it was the right call to apply for Section status, which was approved. This means that Septuagint Studies will now be present at the ETS conference each year through 2025. Not only will we have a yearly session – we will actually have two. One will be an invited session, but the other is part of the general ETS open call.

We are excited to host this year’s sessions and look forward to receiving proposals! You can begin the submission process here.


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