Final Volume of La Biblia Griega Published

I was excited to see recently that the last installment of La Biblia Griega (LBG) has been released at last, covering the corpus of prophetical books. To repeat some information from a recent post in which I reviewed the approach of the Spanish translators, this four-volume set is published by Ediciones Sígueme in Salamanca under the directorship of Natalio Fernández Marcos and María Victoria Spottorno. The translation team is made up of ten to twelve scholars operating through the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Madrid. It’s been underway for ten years already, so it’s great to see it come to completion.

IV. Libros proféticos

lbg4Although I was unable to find this resource for the newest volume, you can read samples from Volume IVolume II, and Volume III. These samples include the full Prologue and General Introduction for each. These introductions are very useful, exceeding those of NETS and on par with the introductions in Septuaginta Deutsch in terms of quality in my opinion, although with less bibliography.

The best thing about these volumes, besides the high caliber scholarship involved, is the price for each, which ranges from €29-49. If you are working in a particular part of the LXX corpus, these are well worth having on your shelf at that price point. I have Volume II for my work in LXX-Judges, and can confirm that they are nicely bound hardback volumes.

I’ll close with a nice statement about the aims of this project:

Recuperar hoy Septuaginta no es, en ese sentido, un simple acto de justicia cultural, sino ofrecer nuevamente a todos la posibilidad de leer en castellano los textos sagrados que conocieron los autores del Nuevo Testamento, la Biblia que leyeron, escucharon y reflexionaron los creyentes en Jesús de los tres primeros siglos y que constituye la base de la que siguen usando los cristianos de Oriente hasta nuestros días.


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