Upcoming Course in Septuagint Exegesis – May 2015

The Wevers Institute

A few months back I posted a roundup of graduate programs in North America that specialize in Septuagint studies. One of the main features on the menu in that respect is the John William Wevers Institute for Septuagint Studies at Trinity Western University, in Vancouver, B.C.

Aside from getting the natural beauty of Vancouver area (If you like hiking, I recommend doing the Grouse Grind), you also get access some excellent scholars. The Institute’s fellows include Drs. Robert Hiebert (director), Larry PerkinsDirk Büchner, and Peter Flint, each of whom are working on Pentateuchal commentaries in the SBLCS.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Wevers Institute is the only place in North America where a full-fledged Septuagint degree is offered, as both a Master of Theological Studies and the shorter Master of Theology. If you are interested in LXX studies, you should definitely look into this promising program.

The NETS Translation

A few of the fellows of the Wevers Institute were closely involved in the New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS) project. I wrote an introductory post to NETS a little while back overviewing some of its guiding principles and how they fit into the larger scholarly discussion. When I took the summer course, it was entitled “Current Issues in Septuagint Studies.” We spent a significant amount of time going through the NETS principles and seeing how they apply, which was very helpful to me as I developed my own approach to the Septuagint and its many intricacies.

It is difficult to come by an opportunity to learn about the Septuagint in a classroom setting, much less from several active scholars in the discipline. That is why I was excited to see that the course is on offer again this coming summer.

The Summer Course: May 25-29

I only just received an email about this course, and it did not include a great deal of information. But the course will be 3 credit hours and cover the issues involved with Septuagint exegesis. The methods and principles of the SBLCS will feature prominently in this, no doubt, which will provide a helpful framework for those new to the field. To get a flavor for some of the issues involved, however, check out this post on the topic of messianic exegesis in the LXX.

Most interesting of all, the course will be made available via live streaming, so that those unable to physically attend can still participate. I think this is a great way to allow students for whom the cost of travel would make the course prohibitive.

If you are interested in further information, email acts@twu.ca.






  1. It’s an excellent class. I took it as a elective while I were at TWU for my linguistics degree. It might be worth noting that while the M.Th. is a shorter degree, it’s technically a more advanced one–it requires already having an M.Div. and has a larger thesis requirement than the MTS, which is a stand alone MA.

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