A Compact Study of Numbers: A Review

Just a brief post here to mention a review I just completed of William T. Miller’s A Compact Study of Numbers (Wipf & Stock, 2013), which will appear in Themelios in the near future. In this book, William T. Miller, adjunct asscociate professor of Old Testament at Loyola University Maryland, presents just what its title suggests, a (very) compact study of a not-that-compact Old Testament book.

As I mention in the review, Miller aims his work somewhat vaguely at a Christian audience. He formats the book in brief chapters each with a handful of discussion questions at the end, and supplies answers at the back of the the book. A significant amount of Miller’s content is directly drawn from or dependent upon Baruch Levine’s Anchor Bible commentary on Numbers. Consequently, this amounts to Miller’s adoption of Levine’s critical methodology.

For a book purportedly written to assist Christians read and understand Numbers, the level of technical detail and the almost exclusively diachronical approach to the text left me unsatisfied. For some more depth in these issues, you can read the review here.

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