Coming Soon – “An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek”

Well, one way to learn about the publication of your own material is through someone else’s blog. I can’t say it didn’t make for a nice Friday afternoon surprise to see the cover art for the first time, though.

Evidently, it’s already available for pre-order through Amazon and other booksellers.

Note that G. K. Beale is professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, and Daniel Brendsel holds a PhD from Wheaton. Lastly, I am not a doctoral student at Westminster, but will begin a doctorate elsewhere this October.

Coming Soon – “An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek”

New Testament GreekGreek fans are sure to love this. Coming this October is An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek by G. K. Beale with William A. Ross and Daniel J. Brendsel.
“This revolutionary new aid for students of New Testament Greek functions both as a lexicon and as an interpretive handbook. It lists the vast majority of Greek prepositions, adverbs, particles, relative pronouns, conjunctions, and other connecting words that are notorious for being some of the most difficult words to translate. For each word included, page references are given for several major lexical resources where the user can quickly go to examine the nuances and parameters of the word for translation options, saving the translator considerable time.”
“This lexicon adds an interpretive element for each word by categorizing its semantic range into defined logical relationships. This interpretive feature of the book is tremendously helpful for the exegetical process, allowing for the translator to closely follow the logical flow of the text with greater efficiency. An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek is thus a remarkable resource for student, pastor, and scholar alike.”
An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek is from Zondervan. It will be a paperback with 96 pages and sell for $15.99.

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