Text Criticism

LXX-Nahum Translation Analysis Drafted and Research Presented

I have completed a draft of the translational analysis of LXX-Nahum 1:2-8 that I have referenced in earlier posts. The project was a fascinating study of the intersection of Hebrew poetry, linguistics, and translation theory, and has piqued my interest in possibly pursuing a similar and more exhaustive study of the book of Nahum, possibly as a thesis topic. I may post my work here at a later date.

In March, I presented a paper named “Chipping Away at the Broken Acrostic in Nahum 1:2-8: An Exercise in Septuagintal Textual Criticism” at a regional ETS conference. In it, I interact with one of the several places in which the so-called ‘acrostic’ in Nah. 1:2-8 is ‘broken,’ and therefore often emended by commentators. On the basis of my translational analysis, I maintain that the emendations generally made to the dalet line of the hymn are not defensible on the text-critical grounds of the LXX translation, a position that most who emend the text hold. The paper is available onĀ  my academia.edu page (here).


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