To the Old Country

Over the past few months I have been keeping a fairly regular pace to my blog posts, usually adding one every two weeks (or “fortnight”) on Mondays. In that spirit, I wanted to post something today, on schedule. Seeing, however, that tonight I am boarding a plane with my wife and two children – plus three suitcases, three carry-ons, a stroller, a car seat, &c., &c. – bound for England on a one-way ticket, I thought a more personal entry might be appropriate (and manageable).

Some of you may have happened upon my more personal “family” blog already, here. We’ve already begun chronicling some of the biggest preparatory hurtles we’ve dealt with the past few months. Main features have been items like, say, having a second child, selling our car, finding a home in Cambridge, and obtaining visas. It has been a very full summer, and I have only barely been thinking much about things academic (!).

We decided to get over to England about as early as the authorities would allow. Considering that we have an 8-week-old with us, plus a highly energetic two-year-old, it seemed best to squeeze in as much adjustment time as possible. So after we arrive I will have about four weeks until Michaelmas term begins, and my work gets under way.

We are very excited, and of course I am quite enthusiastic about my upcoming research at Cambridge. I will hopefully keep this site filled with interesting things along the way. With that in mind, my next posts will be a two-part series entitled “How to Attend Biblical Studies Conferences – A Guide for Students,” so watch for it in a few weeks.

Tally ho!

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