LXX Resource Reviews

Part of my purpose for this blog is not only to centralize my own work and interests, but to create a sort of LXX resource site. No doubt this will take some time to do well, and so (hopefully) I will get some assistance along the way. But it seems to be a desideratum in the Septuagint blogosphere. Hence: Resource Reviews.

To help bridge the gap, then, I am on the one hand continuing to build my LXX Resources page with resources as I come by them. I will hopefully one day get around to adding some actual prose to the page, with introductory information to the field. As I mention on the Intro page already, even when LXX studies is not concerned with complex and highly technical issues in linguistic and textual matters (which is rarely), it can still be a lot of insider baseball. As a result, things can get quite confusing.


Sometimes LXX studies make you feel like this.

It is a small field that is only just starting to grow and add new faces, so newcomers often end up parsing seemingly endless disciplinary ellipses that are otherwise unmysterious to those who have been speaking LXX for decades.

However, a page full of lists of resources is no good if you have no idea what to do with the resources. So in addition to the Intro page, I will also be periodically posting reviews of the resources. In good romantic fashion, I hope to help those interested in the field see the apparently foreboding and impassable Septuagint Mountains rather as a landscape whose beauty can be appreciated (not feared), and even provide enjoyment.

That brings us to my blog category “Resource Reviews,” which I will tag posts with wherever appropriate. I also have a sub-page under Intro to LXX that will centralize all the information (here). Perhaps I’ll simply start trolling through the materials already listed on the Intro page, and build from there. However it happens, hopefully this will contribute to the field in some small way, even if only to help newcomers navigate unfamiliar territory.

Don’t look down.


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