The Grinfield Lectures on Septuagint

It has been floating around the blogosphere recently, but I re-post the information nonetheless. This year’s round of the Grinfield Lectures on Septuagint will be given in a few weeks, this time by Nicholas De Lange. De Lange is professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Cambridge, whose recent projects include both the Grinfield Lectures and The Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism (see here).

It occurred to me that although I’ll miss De Lange’s lectures, I will most likely be able to attend next year’s series once I begin doctoral work. Hopefully I can provide an update and review when the time comes.

The following information comes from Jim West’s blog, who says he in turn got the information via James Atiken (University of Cambridge) on Facebook:


Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Cambridge- ‘Japheth in the Tents of Shem: Greek Bible translations in Medieval Judaism’

  • Monday 24 Feb.: ‘New light on an old question’ – Venue: Examination Schools at 5.00 pm
  • Tuesday 25 Feb.: ‘Aquila fragments from the Genizah’ – Venue: Seminar in Jewish Studies in the Greco- Roman Period, Oriental Institute, 2.30 – 4.00 pm
  • Thursday 27 Feb.: ‘The Successors of Aquila’ – Venue: Ioannou Centre, 5.00pm – 6.00 pm


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