The End of 2013

Just a brief note here between final exams. The term has come to a close and, although I have not finished all my reading yet, I am getting there amidst studying (and avoiding studying by writing this post). But there is much more to be done other than sit for exams. As mentioned before, I am polishing up my IOSCS Congress paper for peer review, which should be finished in the next week or two. I also hope to finish Abi T. Ngunga’s recently published dissertation, Messianism in the Old Greek of Isaiah (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013) and produce a review before Christmas (update: review available here). Over the January break, I plan to apply for scholarships, work on German, and also begin to dabble in Classical Greek. If time permits, I will put together a paper proposal for SBL ’14 in San Diego.

I have heard back from three of the five doctoral programs I applied to, which include the University of Edinburgh, the University of Strasbourg, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Cambridge. Only one of which responded negatively thus far. I am of course very happy with that, but will wait to hear from all before making any firm decisions.



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