Podcast about the Reader’s Edition

As many readers will know, last week was the frenzied, exhausting joy of the annual biblical studies conferences in Denver. There is a lot I could say about it. For example:

  • We had another excellent session of presenters at the ETS Septuagint Studies consultation (here). If you are happy to hear that, or were there yourself, you may be pleased to hear that we have been approved as a section, which means we have six years of two sessions, one of which will be open to the general ETS call for papers. More on that to come.
  • Additionally, it was great fun to see Septuaginta: A Reader’s Edition available for sale at the Hendrickson booth, and for an amazing price that made you smile (see right).
  • There was also the celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the IOSCS (here), which was certainly something to remember.
  • Also, I passed my viva during the conference. Good times.

But what I really got on here to blog about was a podcast that I and my co-editor Greg Lanier were invited onto. It’s called Tool Talk and is hosted by a great website you may not be familiar with yet (but should be) known as Exegetical Tools. Greg and I got to spend the better part of an hour talking about the Septuagint in general, as well as different aspects of the Reader in particular.



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