Lexicon Update, &c.

The Lexicon mentioned in my previous post is an ongoing project. After a summer of somewhat slower work on it that I would have liked (my first child was born early May), I have resumed research and writing. As mentioned, the primary focus of this revision is to reassess the categorization of logical/rhetorical relationships assigned to the various Greek lexemes. The first step of so doing is to define the relationships, which itself is an ongoing, but nearly finished process.

The Lexicon is aimed primarily at students of scripture with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Greek, but with little to no introduction to the field of (text) linguistics. As such, the challenge is to tread the line between detailed explanation and general introduction so that the work is usable and informative without being overwhelming.

Happily, the work is currently under contract, although it may be a while before it goes to press.

Otherwise, I have begun research into LXX-Nahum 1:2-8, the opening divine warrior hymn and so-called “broken acrostic”. This I am analyzing using a methodology developed by my project advisor, Fred Putnam, in order to compare the HB to the LXX and approach the question of translation methodology. This will be a year-long endeavor, but will hopefully orient me to the field of LXX studies in order to pursue doctoral work there.


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