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It’s always a big encouragement when people tell me they read this blog and have benefited from it in some way. That’s what I’m trying to do here. I also love hearing from readers by email. However, many of the emails I receive have to do with the same handful of topics. So before you get in touch, browse through the FAQ list below to see if I have addressed your question elsewhere already.

Frequently Asked Questions

My school doesn’t offer a course in Septuagint studies. What is the best way to get oriented to the field on my own?

You are not alone in this. Very few institutions offer a course in Septuagint studies, primarily because there are so few scholars out there who were trained in the field, and even fewer who feel it’s worth offering a course on. My recommendation is to check out this page for a general introduction and recommended reading.

Where can I go to do a master’s or doctoral degree in Septuagint studies?

Good question. I was getting this so often that I devoted a series of posts to answering it as exhaustively as possible. All the same information is now available on a dedicated page, which is organized geographically.

Who are some prominent scholars in the field?

I have been slowly working my way through publishing interviews with significant scholars working in Septuagint studies. These are now organized on a dedicated page, which will be updated as they accumulate. Of course, there are many more scholars who I have not yet interviewed!


Contact Me

Please ensure you are contacting me because at least one of the following is true:

  1. The question you have about Septuagint studies has not yet been addressed directly on this blog.
  2. You want to draw my attention to something related to Septuagint studies that you think I should write about.
  3. You are interested in discussing a teaching or speaking opportunity.

N.B. I do my best to respond to as many inquiries as possible. But not all of them. This blog is not my full time job and I have to use discretion in how much time I invest. Thanks for understanding.